“Full synchronization with ENTSO-E does not require DC lines” – Energoatom

The DC line is inferior in scope to the Energy Bridge Ukraine - EU project. Moreover, it is not necessary for complete synchronization, they say in the NAEC

The Cabinet of Ministers obliges Naftogaz to sell gas for Luhansk TPP cheaper than for the population

The price of gas will be 2895 UAH per thousand cubic meters.

Amazon plans to launch a SPP with a capacity of 45 MW to power its data centers

The company also plans to build a 23.2 MW wind farm in Ireland.

The Cabinet of Ministers will make changes to PSO to reduce the price of electricity for industry

This was stated by Minister of Energy and Coal Mining Ihor Nasalik.

The Ukraine-EU energy bridge carries risks for the Ukrainian energy system – Ukrenergo

This project was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2015.

Floating SPPs with a total capacity of 5.3 GW is being built In India

Now projects of floating solar power plants with a total capacity of 5.3 GW are being implemented at various stages of development in India.

Electricity trading in the "day-ahead" market

Аccording to the results of the first week, the electricity prices for the “day ahead” market raised by more than 35%.

The selling price of electricity in WEM into April 2019

According to the results of April 2019, the average selling price of electricity into WEM was 1128.5 UAH/MWh.

Environmental friendliness of electricity generation in the US

U.S. CO2 emissions have fallen to their lowest level in a generation since 1990.

Electricity generation by renewables in February 2019

Ukrainian renewables generated 251 122 MWh of electricity.