District heating companies announced their readiness to hold an all-Ukrainian protest

Ukrteplokommunenergo, the Association of Ukrainian Cities and the Union of Housing and Utilities Workers demand that the authorities resolve the industry crisis.

Ukrenergo has activated emergency assistance from Slovakia

The volume of emergency assistance provided was 1200 MWh.

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to transfer regional power distribution companies to the Ministry of Energy from April 1, 2022

The Ministry of Economy and the State Property Fund should prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft decision on the transfer of power distribution companies to the management of the Mini...

DTEK Burshtyns TPP has problems again: power unit No. 1 was shut down

The station continues to carry a load of 765 MW.

Gazprom wants to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on October 1

The company wants to start fuel transit through the first section of the gas pipeline to Germany.

Oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico off the US coast after Hurricane Ida

Currently, the oil stain covers about 16 kilometres of water area.