Southeastern Europe may get EUR 10 billion as EU boosts Just Transition Fund plan

The European Commission has proposed to increase the funds intended for the energy transition of coal regions.

350 MW SPP and the largest energy storage will be built in the UK

It will produce the first electricity in 2023.

CSFSF will be completed in autumn – Energoatom

Commissioning the storage will save up to $100 million per year.

Kyivteplokomunenergo told how to find out who will be cut off hot water supply

Hydrotesting of heating grid has begun in Kyiv.

Mr. Shmyhal demands to investigate the issuance permissions to join the network for Ukrenergo

According to him, such actions have become one of the causes of the crisis in the energy market.

500 MW SPP will be built in Oman

The project cost is estimated at $400 million.

Capacity of offshore wind farms in the world reached 29 GW in 2019

Now the share of offshore wind farms is 10% of the total installed capacity of wind generation in the world.

Renewables share in Spain reaches 42.8% in Feb

Wind has become a major producer of electricity among renewable energy sources.

Total will build an energy storage system in France

The storage system will have a capacity of 25 MW.

2019 is lost for energy efficiency in Ukraine – expert

In 2020, the Energy Efficiency Fund may not work.

The Ministry of Economy announced a competition for the post of President of Energoatom

Documents of participants are accepted until March 16.

In March Ukrainians will receive the lowest sum in the bill for heat for the entire heating season – Honcharuk

Payment for gas and its transmission will be combined into one.