More than 150 households have no heating in Lviv region because of a gas pipeline accident

A district heating company is currently carrying out emergency recovery work.

Saudi Aramco signed a lease and leaseback deal involving its gas pipeline network

Aramco Gas Pipelines Company, will lease usage rights in Aramco’s gas pipelines network and lease them back to Aramco for a 20-year period.

Electricity trading companies receive millions in fines for violations

NEURC checked five electricity trading companies.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted Law No.5600, which applies to the energy sector

255 MPs voted for the corresponding decision.

Almost 180 settlements faced blackouts due to bad weather

Due to strong winds, settlements in several regions of Ukraine are de-energized.

Zelenskyi's statements collapse DTEK's Eurobonds

DTEK's Eurobonds dropped 11%.

The Ministry of Energy and a German bank plan to implement new projects to modernize power transmission systems

The implementation of the projects will help to improve energy efficiency in power transmission and future synchronization with ENTSO-E.

Gas prices in Europe shows another increase

European gas prices continue to hit historic highs.

The first line of Nord Stream 2 began to be filled with gas

Gazprom began filling the first line of its gas pipeline with gas.

Businesses in Europe are faced with a choice: expensive gas or high CO2 taxes

Following the price of gas in Europe, the cost of CO2 emission allowances increased.

International partners will help Ukraine develop an Energy Strategy until 2050

The Ministry of Energy held a coordination meeting with international partners to cooperate.

Gas prices in Europe hit records again

Gas prices in Europe renew their highs daily.