350 MW SPP and the largest energy storage will be built in the UK

It will produce the first electricity in 2023.

USAID will help the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection to improve PSO mechanism and conditions for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources

USAID representatives confirmed their interest in enhancing cooperation with the ministry.

On April 21-24, electricity consumption decreased by about 10% - Ukrenergo

The decrease is due to seasonal warming and COVID-19.

11% of electricity in Ukraine will be generated from renewable energy sources In 2020- UARE

16.6 billion kWh per year will be produced from renewable energy sources.

Renewables creates significant risks of power imbalance in the power system – Ukrenergo

The increase in electricity production from renewables has changed the structure of generation in the Ukrainian power system.

6.3 GW of new renewable energy capacities were commissioned in Australia In 2019

It is 24% more compared to 2018.