The Regulator accuses DTEK of blocking electricity imports from Slovakia

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine opened a case against DTEK Zakhidenergo a few days before.

DTEK will supply electricity to Croatia

The first step will be a test supply of electricity to Croatia.

Bulgaria and Greece signed an agreement to reduce gas dependence on Russia

Bulgaria so far provides itself with Russian gas.

Coal mine in Poland will use solar energy

The solar park will be located on 55 hectares.

Energy Committee discusses legislative changes in clean generation financing

The Committee stated the need for legislative changes.

With the start of the new market, electricity imports accounted for 64% of exports

Electricity imports from Hungary and Belarus have grown.

Gas prices dynamics at the European hubs

Gas prices with a supply on weekends were at the level of 10.013 €/MWh at one of the leading hubs, TTF.