Guaranteed buyer sold 42 thousand MWh of renewable electricity at an auction

7 companies purchased electricity from Guaranteed Buyer.

Guaranteed Byer paid for renewable electricity produced in January by 93%

From 19 to 26 February, Guaranteed Buyer paid almost UAH 2.9 billion at the FIT.

Energoatom sold to Guaranteed Buyer the necessary amount of electricity to fully cover the needs of the population

The company met the needs of Ukrainians in electricity for March.

Energoatom sued Guaranteed Buyer UAH 4.1 billion

Guaranteed buyer did not pay for the electricity, which resulted in a debt of UAH 3.7 billion.

Guaranteed Buyer made an advance payment to renewable energy producers for February

The current level of payments for the specified period exceeded 54%.

Guaranteed Buyer continues to pay for electricity produced in January

The level of settlement with renewable energy producers for the specified period reached 80%.

New electricity market continues to grow

Average daily sales on DAM increased in December by 3.7%

Trading volumes are growing on the Ukrainian energy market

In November, purchase and sale volumes increased by 13% on the day-ahead market.