Renewable energy producers received part of the funds for December

Guaranteed Buyer transferred money for the first 10 days of the month.

Guaranteed Buyer has a new CEO again

The Deputy Energy Minister introduced the new head of the state enterprise.

Guaranteed Buyer announces the longest auction for the sale of renewable electricity

На аукцион выставили чистую электроэнергию из разных источников.

Director of Guaranteed Buyer resigned two weeks after the appointment

The head of the state-owned enterprise filed a letter of resignation.

Ukraine promised to fully repay its debt to renewable energy producers, and to pay off on time from 2022 – a memorandum with the IMF

Ukraine must ensure that there are no debts to renewable generation at the end of 2021.

Guaranteed Buyer asks Energoatom to peacefully agree on the repayment of the debt

On November 22, the court of appeal ruled in favour of Energoatom to recover more than UAH 4 billion.

New electricity market continues to grow

Average daily sales on DAM increased in December by 3.7%

Trading volumes are growing on the Ukrainian energy market

In November, purchase and sale volumes increased by 13% on the day-ahead market.