NEURC explains why it does not control gas prices for the population

Where one should complain if there is a conflict with a natural gas supplier

NEURC may sanction on Kyivgazenergy due to the delay in publishing the annual tariff

The regulator mentions "this is a separate case" since according to the results of the monitoring carried out, "almost all suppliers have announced their tariffs."

The population's debt for utilities is more than UAH 79 billion

In March, the debt of Ukrainians decreased by UAH 3.3 billion.

From now on Kalush CHP is subordinate to the Cabinet of Ministers

The government of Ukraine approved the new charter of the state-owned enterprise.

Banks issued UAH 28 million worth of "warm loans" over the past week

This year, the total amount of loans received by households from banks has already reached UAH 301.7 million.

Gas price in Europe increased by another 2.4% in a day

Gas prices in Europe have come close to the January maximum.

Standards for calculating a subsidy in Ukraine: gas, electricity, heating, housing

How the size of the subsidy is determined and what social norms are used in 2021.

Average natural gas price in 2016-2020

How "exorbitant" the gas price has become for Ukrainians.

Ukraine reduced coal consumption and increased gasoline

Gas was saved at the beginning of the year. Then they began to consume more than last year.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.