EU and Norway to increase gas trade due to reduced gas supplies from Russia

Norway is the largest producer of oil and gas in Europe.

European Parliament decides to fill in gas storages by 80% by November

Gas storage facilities are classified as critical infrastructure.

US LNG plants prepare to increase gas supplies

A $4 billion secured loan was taken to implement the project.

Naftogaz says gas stocks decreased

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, gas production has fallen by 6%.

Gazprom to stop gas supplies to Greece for one week

The monopolist says it’s because of repair work.

Belarus delays payments for Russian gas - media

The Ministry of Energy of Belarus called the information about the delay in payments for Russian gas false.

How energy consumption has changed in Ukraine over 10 year-period

The share of gas consumption decreased the most, while the share of electricity consumption, on the contrary, increased.

Ukrainians have paid UAH 214 bln for utilities over a year

But there are still more than UAH 61 bln of old debts left.

Gas stocks in Europe: the figures lag behind

Only Great Britain has filled its storages by 100%.

Ukraine began to use more gasoline and liquefied gas

On the other hand, the consumption of natural gas decreased during the warmer months.