Enwell Energy boosted production by 12.5%

A significant impetus for increasing production was the launching of well No.54 at the Sviridovske field.

Yamal-Europe gas pipeline will be stopped for maintenance service

Work will be resumed on July 11.

Gas reserves in the UGSF of Ukraine increased by almost 26%

Reserves of natural gas reached 19.868 billion cubic meters as of June 30, 2020.

Gas imports to Ukraine increased by 24% in the first half-year of 2020

1.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas were imported to Ukraine in June 2020.

Группа ЭРУ начинает транзит природного газа в Румынию

Группа осуществила транзитную поставку газа в Румынию через Молдову.

За шесть месяцев 2020 года транзит газа составил 25 млрд кубометров

Это на 45% меньше, чем в первом полугодии прошлого года.