NABU reported suspicion of 5 persons in the case of seizing gas from Naftogaz for 730 million

The total amount of embezzlement in two episodes is over UAH 2.1 billion.

Ukrainians owe RGC over a billion for gas distribution

The debtors are the population and heat generation.

Cod spawning will not interfere with the construction of Nord Stream 2 – Nord Stream 2 AG

Both lines of the pipeline have already been laid in the restricted fishing area.

Centrenergo fulfills the schedule of preparations for the heating season

The warehouses of thermal power plants store 478 thousand tons of coal.

An explosion occurred on the Bulgaria-Greece gas pipeline

Gas supplies to Greece were cut off.

Israel approves construction of gas pipeline to Europe for $6 billion

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a multinational agreement on laying a pipeline for the export of natural gas.