Orange gas: why does the kettle boil so long

Kosatka.Media has figured out how to control the quality of fuel and what affects its normal color and condition.

Nord Stream 2 AG: last pipe has been welded

The company expects to launch the gas pipeline by the end of the year.

Belarus announces readiness of a roadmap for the creation a single gas market with Russia

The First Deputy Prime Minister said that a consensus currently has been found on all 28 Union programmes.

Ukraine will develop the LNG market together with Qatar

Among the promising areas of cooperation: medium and long-term LNG contracts, construction of plants and the development of natural gas transport.

The Ministry of Economy offers to process corn from Chernobyl into biogas

Since a large amount of land is not used in this zone due to radiation pollution, it is possible to grow corn there.

Kobolyev on the risks of launching Nord Stream 2: losing $3 billion will be painful

However, strategically, production and energy efficiency are essential for Ukraine's energy independence.

Regional gas companies owe UAH 9.8 billion to GTSOU

Over the past week, GTSOU received UAH 9.7 million, regional gas companies repaid less than 1% of the total debt.

Ukrainian GTS will become part of the EU hydrogen transport corridor

As part of infrastructure development, it is proposed to rebuild several pipelines connecting EU markets with gas exporting countries.

Kyiv residents' debt for gas distribution amounts to UAH 4.8 million – Kyivgaz

16.5% of consumers in 2021 never paid for the distribution of natural gas.

Process gas costs: what are we paying for?

What are process and technical losses, what are we paying for and who’s getting paid?

Ukrtransgaz began accepting applications for the distribution of the annual capacity of UGS facilities

The volume of free capacity in the Ukrainian underground storage facilities is 7 billion cubic meters.

Gazprom will reduce the gas price for Moldova

The new terms will apply in the second and third quarters of the year.