German gas shortage may prevent exports to Europe

Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom reduced flows through Nord Stream 1 to 40% of the sticker capacity.

Gazprom to stop gas supplies to Greece for one week

The monopolist says it’s because of repair work.

Germany to protect Gazprom Germania from insolvency with up to €10 billion loan

The German subsidiary of the Russian gas giant was placed into temporary administration in April.

“Figures scare”: the German Greens are surprised by how much Germany pays Russia for energy

Since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Germany has paid Russia 12.1 billion euros for energy.

Russia gained over €90 bln exporting oil and gas in first 100 days of war

China and Germany are the largest buyers.

Gazprom is fleeing to Turkey?

The Russian company is trying to circumvent sanctions.

Bulgaria will never negotiate with Gazprom again

Russia unilaterally suspended gas supplies.

Russia's Gazprom cuts supplies to Netherlands

Russian energy firm Gazprom says it has suspended supplies of gas to the Netherlands after payments were not made in rubles.

Serbia's president says agrees to new 3-year gas deal with Russia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said May 29 that a new three-year natural gas supply.

Rubles for gas: Who’s paid so far?

EU utilities are under pressure from Moscow to pay for gas in Russian currency, while the Commission’s guidance has been confusing.

Gazprom’s UK energy supply business considers rebrand

Gazprom Energy is examining a rebrand as Britain’s biggest gas supplier to business seeks to distance itself from its Russian owners after the invasion of Ukraine.

Poland terminates Yamal gas pipeline agreement with Russia

Warsaw refused to comply with the demand to pay for gas in roubles.