Gas transit through Ukraine has significantly decreased since the beginning of the year

As of September 2021, Gazprom booked only 4% of the additional guaranteed transit capacity.

Summit to be held in Europe due to rising gas prices

The summit of the heads of state and government of the European Union will be held on October 21-22 in Brussels.

Gas prices in Europe are falling after two-day records

The day before, gas futures prices reached a record high of $1937 per thousand cubic meters.

Gas crisis: Europe wonders why gas prices increase

The finance ministers called for an investigation across the gas market.

Nord Stream 2 AG challenged German court’s ruling on Nord Stream 2

The company has filed an appeal against the court's ruling on the gas pipeline.

Gas price in Europe continues to break records for the second day in a row

Gas prices reached a historic record again at the opening of trading on October 6.

Gas prices in Europe shows another increase

European gas prices continue to hit historic highs.

The first line of Nord Stream 2 began to be filled with gas

Gazprom began filling the first line of its gas pipeline with gas.

Gas prices in Europe set a new record

Last week the cost of gas exceeded $1000/thous. cub. m. for the first time in history.

Natural gas price in Europe continues to break records

The gas price has already exceeded $1000/thous. cub. m.

Gazprom will no longer supply gas to Hungary via Ukraine

The company stopped the transit of natural gas to Hungary through the territory of Ukraine.

Gas prices in Europe hit records again

Gas prices in Europe renew their highs daily.