German gas shortage may prevent exports to Europe

Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom reduced flows through Nord Stream 1 to 40% of the sticker capacity.

Germany to protect Gazprom Germania from insolvency with up to €10 billion loan

The German subsidiary of the Russian gas giant was placed into temporary administration in April.

“Figures scare”: the German Greens are surprised by how much Germany pays Russia for energy

Since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Germany has paid Russia 12.1 billion euros for energy.

RWE Supply & Trading and Sempra Infrastructure sign Heads of Agreement on LNG supply from the US

The terms contemplate negotiations and finalisation of a definitive 15-year supply and purchase contract for approximately 2.25 million tonnes per year of LNG.

Germany is keen to pursue gas projects with Senegal, says Scholz on first African tour

Germany is seeking to reduce its heavy reliance on Russia for gas following the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine.

Germany to stop Russian oil imports regardless of EU sanctions

Germany plans to stop importing Russian oil by the end of the year even if the European Union fails to agree on an EU-wide ban in its next set of sanctions.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.