SC Market Operator will become a joint-stock company

SC Market Operator will become a joint-stock company

DTEK explains gas debt situation

A number of reasons led to a shortage of floating funds of the company.

Energoatom denied information about the cessation of electricity supply to the population

On February 12, 2020, the company limited the sale of electricity from nuclear power plants to Guaranteed Buyer.

SE Energorynok filed for bankruptcy

The company filed a lawsuit to the court.

The German company will build 6 solar power stations for Energorynok

The German company De Raj Group will be engaged in construction.

2 weeks of the new electricity market through the eyes of its players: debts over payments, PSO and balancing issues

Payment debts, dehumanized PSO, problems with balancing and other problems of the new market model, which have been revealed for the first two weeks of work.