Debt of regional gas companies to GTSOU increased by UAH 148 million in May

Regional gas companies must pay GTSOU over UAH 9.9 billion for 2020-2021.

Rebellion against gas distribution tariff: is it possible and what is needed to make it cheaper

Kosatka.Media found out how a community can "get rid" of a private GDS operator and independently maintain gas networks, how much it can reduce the cost of gas distribution services, and what is worth...

Lubnygaz: what do we know about the company

Some interesting facts about who owns the company.

Market participants owe GTSOU almost UAH 2 billion

In January 2021, the debt of market participants increased by 20%.

Process gas costs: what are we paying for?

What are process and technical losses, what are we paying for and who’s getting paid?

Gas Association warns of the threat of disconnection from gas supply to budgetary institutions of newly created amalgamated communities

The Association of the Gas Market of Ukraine informs that on January 1, 2021, previous agreements for the distribution and supply of natural gas will expire.