Gazprom paid over $2 billion to Naftogaz for gas transmission in 2020

Gazprom fully paid for the annual capacity of the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) for gas transportation.

GTSOU completed the first stage of liquidation of the accident on the Urengoy–Pomary–Uzhhorod gas pipeline

On January 10, gas supply was resumed in the Lubnygaz network.

Germany postponed the launch of gas supply from Nord Stream 2

The second line of the Eugal gas pipeline and its full capacity has been postponed until April 1, 2021.

UGS facilities in Ukraine are alternately completing the neutral period and switching to natural gas extraction mode

The Ukrainian gas storage operator completed the pumping season on October 20, 2020.

Naftogaz is preparing to interconversion of gas metering in energy units (kWh) from 2021

From 2021, Ukrainian UGS facilities will be ready for the next stage of integration with the EU gas market – the interconversion of the gas metering system.

Gas transit from Russia amounted to 45 bcm in 10 months – Makohon

By the end of the year, the forecast predicts 55-56 billion m3.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.