Gas prices in Europe skyrocketed again

The volumes of gas pumped through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline decreased.

The second line of Nord Stream 2 is being filled with gas

The first line of the gas pipeline was filled with process gas in October.

GTSOU says it will happen to gas pipelines after the transit stop

What will happen to the infrastructure if transit through the territory of Ukraine stops?

Lukashenko announced the suspension of gas transit to the EU again

Lukashenko described the conditions under which Belarus will stop the transit of energy resources to the EU.

New German government sees no reason to launch Nord Stream 2

The Russian gas pipeline does not meet European standards.

Gas price in Europe spikes at maximum again

The spot gas price has hit the maximum since the beginning of October.

Gas stocks in UGS in Europe decreased again: recent data

Europe is actively reducing gas stocks.

Ukraine reduced the volume of gas imports from the EU by 92%

Natural gas transit through Ukraine increased by almost 16%

Gazprom booked a third of Yamal-Europe's capacity for December 2

It booked the same volumes in the previous months, as well as on December 1.

Russia and Belarus agree on gas price for 2022

The price level has been agreed upon based on the conditions of the current year.

Russia warns US against pressure on Nord Stream 2 certification

The pipeline must be certified before Russia can start exporting gas to Europe.

Germany can help Ukraine extend transit contract for 5-10 years

Germany is negotiating with Russia about the possibility of extending the contract for the supply of gas through Ukraine.