Scientists have found bacteria that can decompose oil and diesel fuel spills

The discovery was made by employees of the Canadian University of Calgary.

Ramen soup is used as fuel in Japan

Several Nishida Shoun trucks are already running on this fuel.

DTEK Energy and Innovation DTEK launch a pilot project with a use of underwater drone

This technology will be used at Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant.

The US has published a strategy for the development of energy storage technologies until 2030

ПIt is supposed to reduce the cost of storage of electricity by 90%.

India will create a fleet of 23 electric boats to operate on domestic routes

Boats are being built to improve communication with the numerous islands around Kochi, a port city in southern India.

Metro Hop electric taxi planes can take off from rooftops

The aircraft is expected to fly at a cruising speed of about 400 km/h, covering distances of up to 200 km on one full battery charge.