A drone examined almost 400 km of power lines in Dnipropetrovsk region

Since the beginning of the year, DTEK specialists have identified and eliminated more than 6,640 defects, most often inaccessible during a routine inspection.

Ukrenergo will invest over UAH 7 billion in grids development in 2021

Ukrenergo will invest over UAH 1 billion in new construction.

RGC successfully completed the first stage of hydrogen tests

The first stage of testing gas networks for compatibility with hydrogen has been completed at the RGC test sites.

Shell уменьшит на 40% затраты на добычу нефти и газа для «зеленого» перехода

Компания готовит оптимизацию в трех своих крупнейших подразделениях.

Airbus представил несколько вариантов водородных пассажирских самолетов

Концерн Airbus представил свою концепцию авиации без выбросов парниковых газов.

A park with "solar" trees opened in Budapest

The designers also designed a large hanging garden.