Oil prices go up, investors anticipate OPEC+ decision

OPEC+ must decide whether to increase oil production following the previously adopted schedule or not.

Omicron puts pressure on oil prices

Oil prices are falling more than 3%.

New Omicron coronavirus сould сhange oil production plan

At the end of last week, oil prices went down by more than 10%.

Oil prices continue to decline

OPEC+ may change plans to increase oil production in case of unforeseen factors.

Brent price dropped to $78.68 per barrel

New quarantine restrictions in Europe shows that the growth rate of global oil demand may turn out to be weaker.

Electricity consumption increased by almost 7% in 9 months in Ukraine

The main reasons are the lack of strict quarantine measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 in 2021.

The Cabinet of Ministers changes gas price for customers of the SoLR

Naftogaz will reduce the gas price for the population by two months.

The Ministry of Social Policy will pay an increased subsidy

The ministry has increased social standards by 50%.

Oil prices are stable after a sharp drop the day before

Traders fear that the rapid spread of the new COVID-19 strain in Asian countries will force states to impose new quarantine restrictions.

Brent went up to $74.81 per barrel

The market is supported by the prospects of limited supply and strong demand in the US.

Brent trades at $68.63 after rising to highs since March

The market also continues to focus on news regarding the Colonial Pipeline Co.

Brent crude is trading above $66 per barrel

Oil prices are rising due to an improved forecast for demand for the current year by the Joint Technical Committee.