Polish Prime Minister announced a decline in fuel and electricity prices

He presented a plan to overcome the consequences of the highest inflation since 2001.

Naftogaz stressed it fully complied with the terms of the Memorandum, despite the statements of the AUC

However, the Association of Ukrainian Cities stated the volumes of gas to be supplied by Naftogaz at a reduced price would not be enough for the heating season.

What subsidy can be obtained in the heating season: the Ministry of Social Policy announced the amount

The amount of the subsidy depends on several factors.

Gas contract with Gazprom: tariffs for the population will rise in Moldova

In October, the gas tariff for residential consumers remained unchanged at 4.2 lei (UAH 6) per cubic meter of natural gas.

Estonians are reimbursed for electricity costs

The government approved assistance to citizens due to the rise in electricity prices.

The Cabinet of Ministers changes gas price for customers of the SoLR

Naftogaz will reduce the gas price for the population by two months.

Utility debts: debt collectors’ rights and what they are forbidden to do

What rules and restrictions debt collectors are bound by when communicating with debtors.

Debt of the population on payment for electricity 2018-2020

Before quarantine, the debt of the population amounted to UAH 5.4 billion