US Senate to vote for sanctions against Nard Stream 2 by January 14

US Senate to vote in January on Senator Ted Cruz's gas pipeline sanctions bill

The Department of State imposes new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

A company and two ships owned by it are subject to sanctions.

Oil prices increase

Brent is trading above $82 a barrel.

The United States will impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in the event of a threat to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine noted that this issue should be “discussed further”.

Vitrenko: US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations backs draft law on Nord Stream 2 corruption

According to Vitrenko, American lawmakers made this decision on Tuesday, and the document will be soon considered by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Vitrenko: US Congress is able to stop Nord Stream 2 by imposition of further sanctions

He added that the construction of this bypass pipeline would open the door to full-scale Russian military aggression.

Republicans demand immediate sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Michael McCall and 20 of his party members have called on the government to lift restrictions on sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 operator.

Republicans push for new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The congressmen provided a list of 15 vessels and a number of companies that, in their opinion, may deal with the gas pipeline.

Brent crude costs $68.83 per barrel

The oil market got support from OPEC+ due to the decision to abandon the increase in oil production in April by 500 thousand barrels per day.

Trump vetoed US defense budget including sanctions against Nord Stream 2

US President Donald Trump blocked the bill, and the House of Representatives said they would seek to lift the veto.

US Congress supports tougher sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

The lower house of Congress voted to pass the 2021 U.S. defense budget, which includes increased sanctions against the project.

US Embassy in Germany calls for halting construction of Nord Stream 2

They noted that the pipeline was not just an economic project, but a political instrument of the Kremlin.