Brent price decreased to $56.16 per barrel

Benchmark oil prices declined on Friday despite expectations of new measures to support the US economy.

Brent crude oil went down to $55.87 per barrel

Despite the US Department of Energy data on the reduction of oil stocks in the country, quotations fell.

Oil price hikes: Brent went up to $57.28 per barrel

WTI futures have risen in price continuously for six consecutive sessions.

Brent is trading at $55.44 per barrel

Brent price went down due to the strengthening of the dollar.

Energy consumption in Germany decreased by almost 9% in 2020

The proliferation of renewable energy and an overall decline in energy consumption have also resulted in a 12% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Brent price went up to $51.25 on data on declining US stocks

Since early December, oil prices went up by almost 6% due to investor optimism over the coronavirus vaccines onset.

Electricity generation and consumption in January-August 2020

The volume of electricity production by enterprises of the IPS of Ukraine is 6.6% less compared to the corresponding period of 2019.

Oil price dynamics amid a price war between OPEC and Russia

Over the past week, world oil quotations have experienced serious volatility.