Burst main in Kyiv: 86 houses without heat and hot water

The damaged pipeline was put into operation 34 years ago.

Private housing offices of Kyiv owe almost UAH 6 million for heat – Kyivteploenergo

18 private housing offices and condominium associations have accumulated debt for the heat of about 6 million hryvnias. The house manager in these houses provides the heating service.

Owners of home solar power plants in Kyiv earned UAH 10 million per year

Over the past year, 29 new prosumers have been added to the capital.

Heating will be turned on in all houses in Kyiv this week – Klitschko

Social infrastructure facilities and almost half of the city's residential buildings are already receiving heat.

The heating season in Kyiv starts on October 16

According to forecasters, next week there will be a cold snap, at night the temperature will drop to 3-5 degrees.

Klitschko asks to adopt the draft law to reduce the gas tariff

Vitali Klitschko appealed to the Parliament regarding the adoption of the draft law №2458.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.