Qatar buys 100% of LNG terminal capacity in Belgium for 25 years

The throughput capacity of the terminal is 9 billion cubic meters per year.

Turkey reduces gas imports from Russia in favor of LNG supplies from the USA

Where is Turkish stream? The volume of Turkish LNG imports from the United States grew by 3.5 times.

The Ministry of Energy and Environment agreed on the supply of American LNG from Poland

Ukraine, Poland and the United States signed a memorandum on gas cooperation.

Kobolyev has announced a new solution that will help Ukrainians “not to pay more” for gas in winter

Gas prices, as always, increase in the heating season

Two new liquefied gas plants were launched in the US

Now the first phases of factories are in operation.

Gorgon LNG plant begins long-delayed carbon capture and storage project

The launch has been delaying for 3 years.

The dynamics of gas prices at European hubs (January-August 2019)

Since the beginning of 2019, quotes on European hubs have decreased by 50%