Ukraine will develop the LNG market together with Qatar

Among the promising areas of cooperation: medium and long-term LNG contracts, construction of plants and the development of natural gas transport.

Ukraine in the fuel loop: how to get rid of it

Ukraine has become much more dependent on oil and petroleum products imports over the past 15 years. Instead of six large oil refineries, only one is operating today.

Shebelynka Refinery Plant plans to double gasoline production until 2025

It is planned to increase fuel production at the refinery through the implementation of the hydroisomerization construction project.

Naftogaz invests in the construction of the largest LPG plant in Ukraine

The construction of the plant will increase the share of Ukrainian oil products on the market by 115 thousand tons per year

The Cabinet of Ministers signed a memorandum on the possibility of gas supplies from the USA

The document provides for the supply of liquefied gas.

Excess supply lowered autogas prices

Now the Ukrainian market has low demand for autogas.

The Verkhovna Rada did not raise excise tax on LPG

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No.1210.

Ukraine increased the level of critical dependence on LPG imports in 2019

Over 11 years, a decrease in gasoline consumption amounted to 61.3%.

Ukraine is the leader in the world in the consumption of LPG in transport

In absolute terms, Ukraine ranks fifth in terms of LPG consumption.

Gasoline under the pressure of cheap gas: thanks for being alive?

An analysis of a sharp imbalance in the fuel market of Ukraine over the past seven years.

Ukrnafta will suspend LPG production

The GPP can work for about another week.

Russia has limited the passage of LPG to Ukraine

The restriction was introduced on September 25.