Eight hydrocarbon fields re-auctioned

Bidding did not take place on July 6 due to the lack of applications.

Canada resumes oil production at 20% of closed fields

Some companies resumed production when prices rose above $40 per barrel.

Enwell Energy boosted production by 12.5%

A significant impetus for increasing production was the launching of well No.54 at the Sviridovske field.

Auctions for the sale of eight oil and gas sites did not take place

The State Service of Geology and Subsoil put up lots at ProZorro.Sales in April,.

Smart Energy will continue to work at the Svistunkovske-Chervonolutske field

Licence for Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field is valid.

Kazakhstan exceeded its obligations to reduce production under the OPEC+ deal in June

Oil production amounted to 1.297 million bpd in June.