Ukraine Power Bridge Company wins Ukraine-EU Energy Bridge competition

Uryadovy Courier published an announcement declaring Ukraine Power Bridge Company Limited the winner.

Frontera filed a complaint with the US Department of Energy on the PSA for the Dolphin site

The company previously filed a lawsuit with the Kyiv District Administrative Court.

“Full synchronization with ENTSO-E does not require DC lines” – Energoatom

The DC line is inferior in scope to the Energy Bridge Ukraine - EU project. Moreover, it is not necessary for complete synchronization, they say in the NAEC

The Ukraine-EU energy bridge carries risks for the Ukrainian energy system – Ukrenergo

This project was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2015.

Frontera challenges the decision of the Commission on Dolphin in court

The company filed a lawsuit in the Kyiv District Administrative Court.

NABU has completed the investigation of the concealment of $1.25 million by Minister Nasalik

The Minister of Energy and Coal Mining did not declare $1.25 million.

Coal mining in Ukraine for the first half of the year

For the first half of the year, 15 345 thousand tons of coal were mined in Ukraine.

Coal mining in Ukraine

For 5 month of 2019, 12 807 thousand tons of coal was mined in Ukraine. The plan was implemented by 98.7%.

Coal reserves in Ukraine

As of May 22, gas coal and anthracite reserves amount to 2 137 thousand tons.

Thermal coal production in Ukraine

Ukraine reduced thermal coal mining by 7.6% in January – February 2019.