Oil majors cut 2020 spending by 22% after prices slump

The world’s biggest oil and gas companies are cutting spending this year .

Belarus will continue alternative oil imports in April

Oil supplies from the Russian Federation were resumed a little earlier.

Transneft resumes oil supplies to Belarusian refineries

The Belarusian side confirmed the resumption of supplies.

There are 15.9 billion cubic meters of gas in Ukrainian underground gas storages

Of these, 1.6 billion cubic meters are in the "customs" warehouse.

The price of Ukrainian oil decreased by almost 39%

The actual price of oil and condensate in March 2020 was 5 912.8 UAH/ton.

6.3 GW of new renewable energy capacities were commissioned in Australia In 2019

It is 24% more compared to 2018.

Oil price dynamics amid a price war between OPEC and Russia

Over the past week, world oil quotations have experienced serious volatility.

Ukraine significantly increased gas purchases in Europe in 2019

Naftogaz has not purchased natural gas from Russia for more than 1,500 days