Ukraine and the EU will develop different scenarios on gas supplies to Ukraine

Events on the gas market were the subject of discussion during the Ukraine-EU summit.

State Department: Work on preparing sanctions against Nord Stream 2 has already begun

Sanctions will be imposed if Russia uses the issue of gas supplies as a weapon against Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 AG challenged German court’s ruling on Nord Stream 2

The company has filed an appeal against the court's ruling on the gas pipeline.

Washington promises to continue to oppose Nord Stream 2

The US State Department announced the invariability of their positions on the gas pipeline.

Shmyhal: Ukraine will not buy gas directly from Russia

UGS facilities in Ukraine have accumulated 18.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Kuleba believes that Nord Stream 2 should be discussed in the Normandy format

According to him, Nord Stream 2, the military security of Ukraine, the situation in Donbas are directly related issues.

Russia believes that the change of power in Germany will not prevent the launch of Nord Stream 2

The country is considering several scenarios for the timing of the gas pipeline launch.

International partners will help Ukraine develop an Energy Strategy until 2050

The Ministry of Energy held a coordination meeting with international partners to cooperate.

Gazprom will no longer supply gas to Hungary via Ukraine

The company stopped the transit of natural gas to Hungary through the territory of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Energy: ENTSO-E appreciates the progress of Ukraine in preparation for synchronization

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine met with the Secretary-General of ENTSO-E.

Hungary signed a new contract with Gazprom on gas supplies bypassing Ukraine

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will turn to the EU in response.

The Czech Republic signed a law that will not allow the Russian Federation and China to build a nuclear power plant

The President signed a law on low-carbon technologies for the construction of a new unit at the Dukovany NPP.