Toyota starts selling the smallest electric car

The car is designed for city trips and can accelerate to a maximum of 60 km/h.

India will create a fleet of 23 electric boats to operate on domestic routes

Boats are being built to improve communication with the numerous islands around Kochi, a port city in southern India.

Metro Hop electric taxi planes can take off from rooftops

The aircraft is expected to fly at a cruising speed of about 400 km/h, covering distances of up to 200 km on one full battery charge.

German company found out how to effectively remove snow from solar panels

The new development has already passed extensive testing and is currently being successfully piloted.

Australian jeweler creates designer patterns from electrical discharges

Using designer equipment, a jeweller captures the bizarre run of electrons, creating unique ornaments for his jewelry.

Japan launches nuclear reactor capable of withstanding a direct plane crash

Its design is capable of withstanding natural disasters; it will not allow the reactor to become hazardous to the environment under any circumstances.