Tymchenko: €4 billion of investments per year – the price of renewable energy growth by 2050

This amount is necessary to increase the share of alternative sources up to 75%.

Orzhel will discuss unprofitability of the industry with miners

The Minister will meet with mine workers.

All power units operate at Rivne NPP

The fourth power unit, which was under repair, was commissioned.

Holy Grail? Scientists Devise ‘Nanocatalysts’ To Recycle Carbon Dioxide Back Into Fuels

It’s a Holy Grail idea: Take carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels and run it through a chemical reaction that transforms it magically back into useful hydrocarbons.

Australia will build SPP to supply the iron-ore field

The solar station will have a capacity of 34 MW.

Ukrenergo is suspected of causing damage to the state by UAH 13 million

The Procurator believes that the company inflated the price of services.