Vitrenko proposes that the gas supplier should be chosen by an association of consumers

According to him, this practice is widespread in Europe.

The government proposes to fix the gas price for consumers for a year

The Antimonopoly Committee and relevant ministries were instructed to check the facts of possible abuse on the gas market.

Gazprom paid over $2 billion to Naftogaz for gas transmission in 2020

Gazprom fully paid for the annual capacity of the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) for gas transportation.

Naftogaz is ready to provide a single price for all household gas consumers

Naftogaz of Ukraine is ready to provide natural gas to household consumers within the monthly tariff plan at a regulated price of UAH 6.99 per cubic meter.

The Cabinet of Ministers will introduce state regulation of gas prices for the population

The gas price for the population will be reduced by more than 30%.

Favorov: Artificially lower prices will not solve gas market problems

Kosatka.Media asked Andrew Favorov, trader, about the proposed options, how they might affect the market and its participants, and whether the market needs them at all.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.

Energy Consumption in Ukraine in January 2020

Ukrainians buy more gasoline and liquefied gas compared to last January.

Ukraine significantly increased gas purchases in Europe in 2019

Naftogaz has not purchased natural gas from Russia for more than 1,500 days

Gas transit contract lowers prices in Europe

Prices for European gas hubs began to decline sharply at the end of December.