The share of renewables in the generation structure more than doubled in the first half of the year

As a result, the installed renewables capacity increased from 2.9 GW in June 2019 to 5.8 in June 2020.

The Supervisory Board has decided on the Chairman of the Board of Ukrenergo

As a result of a competition, the Supervisory Board elected and appointed the Chairman of the Board of the company at an extraordinary meeting.

Naftogaz told how it will sell gas after the cancellation of PSO

Компания предлагает газопоставляющим компаниям сформировать необходимый ресурс природного газа для поставок населению.

Centrenergo settled with miners for July

Now the company is analyzing its financial balance to form a settlement plan for August.

Centrenergo fulfills the schedule of preparations for the heating season

The warehouses of thermal power plants store 478 thousand tons of coal.

PSO on the gas market will not be continued after August 1

In July, the government extended PSO for another month.