749 settlements de-energized due to hostilities

About 587,000 consumers do not have electricity.

78 settlements of the Zaporizhia region experience power cut

21,473 consumers remain without power supply.

602 thousand consumers experience blackouts, 60% of them live in the Donetsk region

About 730 settlements are de-energized.

Damage to power grids in Zaporizhia region increased due to enemy shelling

21,135 consumers in 77 settlements remain without electricity supply.

Zaporizhzhiaoblenergo explains why the city faced blackouts

Electrical equipment was damaged due to worsening weather conditions.

Ukrainian power engineers restore electricity supply to occupied Berdiansk

As of June 14, 22 thousand consumers remain without power supply.

В Украине из-за боевых действий обесточены около 770 населенных пунктов

Около 655,5 тысячи потребителей не имеют света.

2 villages powered down because of shelling

As of June 7, 28.464 consumers remain without electricity.

Russian shelling of the Zaporizhzhia region results in high-voltage transmission line damage

Four substations and 16 thousand houses remain without electricity.

The Baltic Transmission System Operators abandon Russian electricity

The changes introduced by the electricity transmission system operators will reduce the dependence of the Baltic States on the Russian energy system.

The Ministry of Energy reports on gas supply

It has been restored to 240 subscribers.

Gas supply restored to 11 thousand subscribers

196 thousand clients are not supplied with gas.