NEURC reduced fines for gas imbalances

The Regulator has reduced fines by 10%.

The Cabinet of Ministers supported the opening of special accounts for regional gas companies to automate the payment of imbalances

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for opening special accounts for operators of gas distribution networks.

Regional gas companies continue to increase debt to the GTS Operator

In September, GDS Operators gas intake amounted to UAH 2.6 billion.

Vitrenko: Naftogaz may conclude contracts with regional gas companies to provide them with process gas

The company is considering the possibility of concluding long-term contracts with operators of gas distribution systems.

Debts of regional gas companies to GTSOU still exceed UAH 10 billion

In April 2021, GDS operators took off 22 million cubic meters of gas for their own production and technological gas flow.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee supported the establishment of special accounts to prevent the accumulation of debts by GDS operators

The bill proposes a mechanism to prevent the accumulation of new debts by regional and gas companies for production and technological costs.