Mexico plans more help for Pemex but limited Covid spending

Mexico is preparing a significant tax break for its state-owned oil firm while the constitution blocks it from taking on debt to increase social spending during the pandemic.

Gazprom Neft's net debt grew by 10% in 2020

In 2019, the company's net debt decreased by 5.7% compared to 2018.

Oil prices continued to rise due to expectations of a decrease in supplies from the United States

Severe frosts damaged the power supply system, so some of the major oil production facilities in the United States were suspended.

Brent crude oil continues to trade at $61 per barrel

Both Brent and WTI ended trading on February 9 at their highs since January 2020.

An explosion occurred at an oil refinery in the Republic of South Africa

The refinery was stopped on March 27, 2020, because of a drop in fuel demand and quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19.

Ukrtransnafta exposed two oil theft schemes

Since the beginning of the year, the division's employees have identified and eliminated 26 tie-ins in oil and condensate pipelines.

Oil prices continue to decline

The market is under pressure from the deteriorating prospects for the global economic recovery.

Brent crude is trading below $42 per barrel

Oil prices continue to decline.

Force majeure regime lifted at fields and ports of Libya

The emergency mode will remain where the presence of any armed formations is confirmed.

Brent crude is trading above $43 per barrel

Fears for a recovery in demand continue to put pressure on market participants.

OPEC+ does not plan to further reduce oil production due to falling prices

The alliance is likely to extend the compensation period to October and November.

Turkey may soon announce the discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the Mediterranean and Black Seas

By the end of the year, a floating platform for natural gas storage will arrive in Turkey.