NEURC checks regional power distribution companies due to consumer complaints

Регулятор сообщил о проверке 17 облэнерго и 26 облгазов.

NEURC canceled the decision on Donetskoblgaz’s licence revocation

The regulator made a decision at the request of Naftogaz.

GTSOU reported a decrease in net profit for nine months of 2021

The company presented its financial results for the current year.

NEURC reacted to regional gas plans to increase distribution tariff

The tariffs for natural gas distribution services for the next year are approved annually, usually in December.

The Cabinet of Ministers supported the opening of special accounts for regional gas companies to automate the payment of imbalances

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for opening special accounts for operators of gas distribution networks.

Regional gas companies continue to increase debt to the GTS Operator

In September, GDS Operators gas intake amounted to UAH 2.6 billion.