Regional gas companies owe almost UAH 1 billion to the Ukrainian GTS Operator

In October, GTSOU received positive court decisions in the first three cases against regional gas companies on debt compensation for a total of UAH 237.5 million. Now, 19 similar cases are pending bef...

GTSOU sued regional gas companies for UAH 238 mln for debts on gas offtakes

Economic courts are currently considering 19 more similar lawsuits against other debtors-DSOs

The debt of regional gas companies to GTSOU is more than UAH 1 billion

Only 9 regional gas companies have no debt.

There are more than 27 billion cubic meters of gas in the Ukrainian underground storage facilities.

During the day, 80.05 million cubic meters of gas were pumped into the UGS facility.

Personal experience: How to change the gas supplier

How and where to look for an independent gas supplier, reasons to change it and how the transition goes.

Gas reserves in Ukraine's UGS facilities exceeded 25.4 billion cubic meters

За сутки в ПХГ закачано 110,73 млн куб. м газа.