The SBI exposed the abuse of ex-officials of the Ministry of Energy worth UAH 1.5 billion

On June 3, 2021, investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation are simultaneously conducting 47 searches on the territory of Ukraine, including the Ministry of Energy.

The State Bureau of Investigation conducts investigative actions at the Ministry of Energy

The Ministry applied to the SBI on January 29, 2021, based on the results of an internal audit.

Debts of regional gas companies to GTSOU still exceed UAH 10 billion

In April 2021, GDS operators took off 22 million cubic meters of gas for their own production and technological gas flow.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee supported the establishment of special accounts to prevent the accumulation of debts by GDS operators

The bill proposes a mechanism to prevent the accumulation of new debts by regional and gas companies for production and technological costs.

Gas Supply Company Naftogaz of Ukraine increases the number of branches where you can become a client of the company

You can become a client of the company in the branches of TASKOMBANK and TAS Insurance Group.

Regional gas companies owe UAH 9.8 billion to GTSOU

Over the past week, GTSOU received UAH 9.7 million, regional gas companies repaid less than 1% of the total debt.