Belarus announced the resumption of electricity exports to Ukraine

It is specified that the export is carried out in accordance with the contract signed for November.

Energoatom: 14 NPP power units operate in the power system

Power unit No.4 of ZNPP was connected to the UESU.

Electricity supplies from Belarus to stop from November 18

The Ministry of Energy does not indicate the reasons for the termination of supplies.

Currently, 20 power units are not working in the UES due to lack of fuel

5 power units are under emergency repair.

Belarus announces emergency assistance to Ukraine's power grid

Electricity supplies are carried out from 1:00 pm.

The Ministry of Energy and a German bank plan to implement new projects to modernize power transmission systems

The implementation of the projects will help to improve energy efficiency in power transmission and future synchronization with ENTSO-E.

The Ministry of Energy has simplified the conditions for the construction of generating capacity

Tenders for the construction of generating capacity will be accelerated.

NEURC extended the ban on electricity imports from Russia and Belarus

The Ministry of Energy and the system operator did not receive letters about the need to restore imports from Russia and Belarus.

The Ministry of Energy sees no problems with coal stocks

The ministry also plans to increase the share of nuclear generation in the energy system by 4%.

The Ministry of Energy: ENTSO-E appreciates the progress of Ukraine in preparation for synchronization

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine met with the Secretary-General of ENTSO-E.

NPC Ukrenergo was transferred to the management of the Ministry of Energy

The state represented by the Ministry of Energy became the owner of 100% of Ukrenergo's shares.

The Ministry of Energy: Energy system of Ukraine is ready to work in silos

Representatives of generating companies confirmed the technical feasibility of using the equipment when passing through the isolated mode.