Energoatom and Ukrenergo tested ZNPP’s power unit to enter the ancillary services market

The tests should confirm the compliance of the second power unit of ZNPP with the requirements of the Transmission System Code.

Valerii Nozdrin: We not only supply electricity to our customers, but also protect their interests

Valerii Nozdrin, director of Energo Sbut Trans LLC, told about the peculiarities of working with utility companies and state-owned enterprises, whether it is difficult to be an electricity supplier fo...

The Verkhovna Rada Committee recommends to adopt in general the draft law on certification of NPC Ukrenergo

The purpose of the draft law is to certify the transmission system operator in accordance with European regulations.

Ukraine resumed electricity export to Europe

The resumption of exports became possible after a decrease in electricity consumption in Ukraine as a result of warming, as well as an increase in the load on nuclear power plants.

Rivne NPP power unit was connected to the power grid ahead of schedule

According to the repair schedule, the 1st unit of Rivne NPP had to be relaunched on March 7.

The Prosecutor General's Office suspects the ex-officials of Ukrenergo of causing damage to over UAH 380 million

The losses were caused during the construction of a substation for the power supply of a part of Luhansk region.

Ukrenergo certified Kryvyi Rih TPP to provide ancillary services

This is the 16th power plant, which will provide ancillary services in the trade zone of the IPS of Ukraine.

Power unit No.2 of KhNPP was connected to the grid ahead of schedule

Power unit No.2 of Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant was connected to the IPS of Ukraine after the completion of the repair campaign.

Complete unloading of Zaporizhzhia TPP in the IPS of Ukraine led to a power shortage of 750 MW –Ukrenergo

A commission with the participation of representatives of all the necessary instances will be created to clarify the incident's circumstances.

Electricity imports from Europe increased by 21% in November – Ukrenergo

Electricity export volumes in November decreased by 18.5 million kWh.

The Ministry of Energy presented the forecast balance of electricity of the IPS for 2021

Acting Energy Minister Olha Buslavets held a meeting at which the main indicators of the forecast balance for 2021 were presented.

Ukrenergo carried out work under voltage on the 750 kV Vinnytska - Zakhidnoukrainska overhead line

Work at this voltage without disconnecting the line from the power supply is carried out for the first time in independent Ukraine history.