Equinor invests in renewable energy sources in Poland

The country's offshore wind energy potential is estimated at 28 GW.

Giant offshore wind projects to be built in Ireland’s seas

Ireland’s plans for developing offshore wind are starting to take real shape with two new large projects in the pipeline.

The price of wind energy will decrease by 35% in 15 years

Larger turbines, reduced capital and operating costs and other technological improvements will contribute to it.

Norway plans to build a wind farm in the North Sea with a capacity of 4.5 GW

The country plans to export renewable energy from wind farms over time.

The share of Belgium solar and wind farrms in electricity production amounted to almost 19% in 2020

The construction of two offshore wind farms was completed in 2020.

Offshore wind farm in Belgium generated 6.7 TWh in 2020

There are currently eight offshore wind farms operating in the Belgian part of the North Sea.