Debt for negative imbalances increased to UAH 1.35 billion – GTSOU

Negative imbalances created by operators of gas distribution networks amount to 85%.

Regional gas companies owe almost UAH 1 billion to the Ukrainian GTS Operator

In October, GTSOU received positive court decisions in the first three cases against regional gas companies on debt compensation for a total of UAH 237.5 million. Now, 19 similar cases are pending bef...

GTSOU earned UAH 500 million re-exporting gas

15 million cubic meters of gas were re-exported to the EU countries in October.

Gas transit from Russia amounted to 45 bcm in 10 months – Makohon

By the end of the year, the forecast predicts 55-56 billion m3.

The debt of regional gas companies to GTSOU is more than UAH 1 billion

Only 9 regional gas companies have no debt.

Gas transit through Ukraine decreased by 40% for 9 months of 2020

Ukraine transited 39.5 billion cubic meters of gas in January-September 2020.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.