GTSOU’s Head says on what conditions Ukrain can abandon gas imports

Ukraine’s potential for biogas production is high enough.

Almost all gas distribution stations in the liberated territories are running or are go for launch

39 gas distribution stations were not running in 6 regions of Ukraine.

GTSOU says it will happen to gas pipelines after the transit stop

What will happen to the infrastructure if transit through the territory of Ukraine stops?

GTSOU creates a new route for LNG supplies

Ukraine is diversifying its sources of natural gas.

Gas stocks in UGS in Europe decreased again: recent data

Europe is actively reducing gas stocks.

Ukraine reduced the volume of gas imports from the EU by 92%

Natural gas transit through Ukraine increased by almost 16%

GTSOU Position on the BNetzA’s decision to temporarily suspend Nord Stream 2 AG certification process

In a span of 24 hours, the German regulator, BNetzA, has made two momentous decisions.

Gazprom says it will exceed the plan for transit through Ukraine

Gas storage facilities of Gazprom in Europe began to empty out.

Gazprom returns gas transit volume to contractual level – Makohon

Gas flow through Ukraine increased 2.5 times in 2019.

Ukraine reduced gas imports from Europe in October - GTSOU

Gas exports and re-exports in October increased by 81% compared to September.

Gazprom has not booked capacities for Q1-2022 via Ukraine and Poland

The company declined to book additional transit capacity through Ukraine and Poland for the first quarter of 2022.

NEURC reduced fines for gas imbalances

The Regulator has reduced fines by 10%.