Oil prices continue to rise

Easing quarantine restrictions and decreasing production affect the market.

US cuts oil production by 2.3 million barrels per day

Earlier, the US Department of Energy called significantly smaller volumes.

Reduced production raises oil prices

July Brent futures show growth for two days in a row.

Oil prices continue to rise

The cost of Brent rose by almost 1%.

Brent price has risen significantly

Oil has shown showed such results for the first time since April 13.

OPEC+ may keep May production volumes until the end of 2020

The participating countries agreed to reduce production in May-June by 9.7 million barrels.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE will further reduce oil production

Three countries will reduce production in June, in addition to the terms of the OPEC+ agreement.

Brent rose to $29 per barrel

The cost of WTI rose to $24.

Saudi Arabia's Oil Tanker Flotilla Is Reaching The U.S., Despite Some Objections

A flotilla of Saudi tankers loaded with crude oil has begun arriving on the U.S. Gulf Coast, worrying American shale producers who face uncertainty because of an oversupply of oil.

Saudi Arabia began to cut oil production ahead of schedule

OPEC+ production reduction agreement becomes effective on May 1, 2020.

Urals price drops below $12 per barrel

On April 1, the price fell below $11.

The world’s biggest oil storage run out of space for crude

The available capacity on the oil side is almost completely sold out.