Makohon: Ukraine will still be the best option for gas transit in 5 years

In order to provide Europe with gas, the OGTSU is planning a number of improvements.

2.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas have been transported to Europe since the beginning of the year

Ukraine received funds for the transportation of 5.518 billion cubic meters of gas.

Ukrainian GTS Operator has launched a virtual reverse flow from Poland

The company hopes to launch a reverse from Slovakia and Hungary in the near future.

Gas Market Association supports tariff revision of gas distribution networks operator

The point is including the volume of production and technological gas costs in the tariff.

In the first quarter of 2020 Naftogaz will pay taxes for funds received from Gazprom

In 2019, the company paid UAH 120 billion in taxes to the budget.

Naftogaz appoints new financial director

Petrus Van Dril was vice president of accounting at Royal Dutch Shell.