SE Market Operator adopted the international financial reporting standards

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the accounting policy of the state enterprise.

Market Operator received a positive opinion from an independent auditor

An audit of the organization of the DAM and the IDM work was carried out.

Market Operator paid over UAH 100 million in taxes

During this period, the company received a net income of UAH 43 billion.

The Cabinet of Ministers has changed the director of the "Market Operator"

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine introduced the new head to the enterprise staff.

Market Operator does not agree with the decision of NEURC on the revealed violations

The company does not agree with the decision to impose a fine for violation of regulations and license conditions.

Market Operator has started the corporatization process

The Cabinet of Ministers has created a Commission to transform Market Operator into a joint-stock company.

Day Ahead Market: August Results

Prices in Ukraine are lower than in neighboring European countries.

The DAM and IDM in the 1st half of 2020: surplus and low price

The weighted average price on the DAM is 12% lower, on the IDM – by 21% compared to the previous year.

Price indices of the DAM in the IPS of Ukraine in April

Average weighted price decreased by 9.07% compared to March.

Electricity sales on the day-ahead market decreased in February

According to the state-owned enterprise Market Operator, the volume of electricity sales on the day-ahead market (DAM) in the IPS of Ukraine trade zone decreased by 12.53% in February 2020.