The Ministry of Energy approved the new Supervisory Board of NPC Ukrenergo

Prior to that, the shareholder acted as the SB himself.

Ukrenergo revamps overhead line, which is to connect UESU with ENTSO-E

The overhead line will also connect the UESU with the Burhtyn energy island for working in silos.

The accuracy of electricity charges: how to check (UA)

NEURC made up an algorithm for a household consumer.

NEURC wants to increase the tariff for electricity transmission by almost 20%

It is also planned to increase the cost of dispatching services.

Ukrenergo certified the energy storage system at Zaporizhzhia TPP

For the first time in Ukraine, an energy storage system will be able to provide a frequency support reserve.

Ukrenergo has activated emergency assistance from Slovakia

The volume of emergency assistance provided was 1200 MWh.

Power unit No.5 of Zaporizhzhia NPP is connected to the power system

Now 4 power units of Zaporizhzhia NPP are in operation.

Ukrenergo wins appeal against DTEK in the case of payment of transmission tariff for electricity export

The ruling of the court of the cassation instance comes into legal force from the date of its adoption and cannot be appealed.

NEURC has made changes in the electricity market

The Regulator adopted a number of decisions aimed at further liberalizing the electricity market.

Ukrenergo will publish data on the state of settlements on the balancing market

Summary data on the balance on the special account will be published daily.

Kyivteploenergo: Ukrenergo refused to provide information on the results of its activities

Ukrenergo hides financial information on the management of financial resources on the electricity market.

NPC Ukrenergo won the case in the Supreme Court

The court found that the company legitimately charges a fee for electricity transmission services for Kyivteploenergo.