Oil prices go up after decrease last week

Benchmark crude climbs over $1/bbl.

Omicron puts pressure on oil prices

Oil prices are falling more than 3%.

Omicron affects OPEC+ meeting schedule

The cartel must assess the impact of the new variant of the coronavirus on oil demand and prices.

Oil prices went up after OPEC+ meeting

Oil prices have recently hit seven-year highs but declined earlier this week.

Brent price went up to $70.67 per barrel

Traders are buying up cheaper raw materials after the fall in the cost of futures of both brands following the previous session results.

Oil prices are stable after a sharp drop the day before

Traders fear that the rapid spread of the new COVID-19 strain in Asian countries will force states to impose new quarantine restrictions.

Oil prices decrease: Brent is trading at $74.63 per barrel

Oil prices are decreasing amid fears over the spread of the coronavirus.

Brent price rises above $75 for the first time in 2 years

Oil price has increased by more than 40% since the beginning of this year.

Brent price went down to $68.17 per barrel

Market pressure is also coming from concerns about the worsening epidemiological situation in other countries, including Japan and Brazil.

Brent crude is trading above $66 per barrel

Oil prices are rising due to an improved forecast for demand for the current year by the Joint Technical Committee.

Oil prices went down due to pandemic and in anticipation of the OPEC+ meeting

Investors continue to monitor the epidemiological situation in Asia and are also waiting for the OPEC+ meeting.

Brent is trading at $60.77 per barrel

On Tuesday, Brent and WTI contracts fell to their lowest levels since February.