Инвесторы в ВИЭ готовы судиться с Украиной из-за долгов

Компании-инвесторы недополучили 11,5 млрд грн.

Госкомпании в мае перевыполнили план по выработке электроэнергии

«Энергоатом» и «Центрэнерго» превысили прогнозируемые показатели генерации электроэнергии.

Guaranteed Buyer owes UAH 14 billion to producers of renewable energy – Buslavets

The company owes Energoatom another 6 billion.

Guaranteed Buyer begins selling electricity under bilateral agreements

The first auction will be held at 11:00 am on June 5, 2020.

Ukrenergo is testing renewables’ restriction management system

The software will automate the formation and provision of operational dispatch commands.

The last coal station in Chile will be closed by 2022

Block I of the Bocamina production branch is planned to be decommissioned by December 31, 2020.

Price indices of the day-ahead market in the IPS of Ukraine in March

The weighted average price on the DAM in March 2020 increased by 11.24% compared to February

Electricity sales on the day-ahead market decreased in February

According to the state-owned enterprise Market Operator, the volume of electricity sales on the day-ahead market (DAM) in the IPS of Ukraine trade zone decreased by 12.53% in February 2020.