The US Energy Department says Ukrainian nuclear power plants are to reduce the EU's dependence on Russian energy

Для этого реализуются три подхода.

Ukrainian energy companies received equipment from European businesses to restore electricity supply

Assistance is split among the regional energy companies to resume electricity supply to consumers.

Population consumes electricity 40% less

9 out of 15 are currently operating.

NEURC increases the tariff for electricity transmission for 2022

The regulator made the corresponding decision at a meeting on Wednesday evening.

Kazakhstan asked the Russian Federation for commercial electricity supplies due to energy shortages

There are two big issues in Kazakhstan: miners and outdated energy capacities.

NEURC wants to increase the tariff for electricity transmission by almost 20%

It is also planned to increase the cost of dispatching services.

The electricity tariff of the SoLR will almost double from October

NEURC made such a decision at its meeting on September 16.

Power unit No.5 of Zaporizhzhia NPP is connected to the power system

Now 4 power units of Zaporizhzhia NPP are in operation.

UEEX started publishing the Monthly Base Load Electricity Price Index

A price indicator has appeared on the electricity market.

Ukrenergo began reconstruction of two substations in Kharkiv

Substations supply residential buildings in Kharkiv and strategic factories.

NPC Ukrenergo won the case in the Supreme Court

The court found that the company legitimately charges a fee for electricity transmission services for Kyivteploenergo.

The Supreme Court allowed DTEK not to pay NPC Ukrenergo for electricity transmission services

The claim concerns the collection of debt under a contract for the provision of services for the transmission of electrical energy.