Kuleba believes that Nord Stream 2 should be discussed in the Normandy format

According to him, Nord Stream 2, the military security of Ukraine, the situation in Donbas are directly related issues.

Brent price went down again

Traders are waiting for the next meeting of the OPEC+ countries.

The Czech Republic signed a law that will not allow the Russian Federation and China to build a nuclear power plant

The President signed a law on low-carbon technologies for the construction of a new unit at the Dukovany NPP.

Qatar has no plans to return to OPEC

In December 2018, the country decided to leave the organization.

Moscow and Minsk are to sign a document on a single gas market by December 2023

In 2022, the price of Russian gas for Belarus will remain at the same level.

The United States will impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in the event of a threat to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine noted that this issue should be “discussed further”.

Oil prices went down due to results of OPEC+ meeting

OPEC+ kept its plan to increase oil production by 400 thousand barrels per day per month.

President of Ukraine met with US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm

During his visit to Washington, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Brent price went up to $72.1 per barrel

Traders are looking forward to the next meeting of the participants in the OPEC+ agreement.

Oil prices decline ahead of OPEC+ meeting

The next meeting of the organization is scheduled for September 1.

The State Agency on Energy Efficiency and the Japanese Corporation discussed the prospects for hydrogen and renewable energy in Ukraine

The Japanese corporation is interested in opportunities for green investments in Ukraine.

Germany has not yet decided on PGNiG's application for Nord Stream 2 certification

Polish PGNiG wants to participate in the certification process of Nord Stream 2 AG.