Gas prices on the spot market in Europe are increasing again

The day-ahead contract reached its maximum on July 5, rising to $466 per thousand cubic meters.

Gas price in Europe fell below $400 per thousand cubic meters

The gas price with delivery on Thursday at the TTF hub in the Netherlands dropped to $398.

ERU signed a loan agreement with EBRD

The two-year agreement concerns the financing of gas trading operations.

Gas price in Europe collapsed by 11%

The spot gas price fell 11% in one day following the correction in oil prices.

Gas prices in Europe reached $464/thous. cub. m

On Monday, booking auctions for gas transmission capacities for the coming and subsequent years were held throughout Europe.

Almost 1 billion cubic meters of gas are pumped into UGS facility since the beginning of the injection season

At the beginning of July, natural gas stocks in Ukrainian UGS facilities amounted to 16 billion cubic meters.

Gas price in Europe went up to 4% for the third day

The price of gas for delivery on Friday at the TTF hub in the Netherlands closed at $450 per thousand cubic meters.

Gas price in Europe rose to $ 431 per thousand cubic meters

The major pipelines for the delivery of Russian gas, Nord Stream and Yamal-Europe, will be under repair in half of July.

Gas price in Europe has crossed the $400 per thousand cubic meters price mark

The balance of the European gas market is getting tenser due to the uncharacteristic seasonal pattern of a decrease in LNG supplies.

Gazprom refused to book additional transit capacity through Ukraine for July

Earlier this year, the company did not book interruptible capacity, as it did with the auctions for May and June.

Ukraine increases natural gas stocks in underground storage facilities

Gas stocks in Ukrainian underground storage facilities increased by 1% from 20 to 28 June.

Ukraine starts importing gas for injection into underground storage

Now the import is only 3 million m3 per day.