In July, electricity consumption approached the indicator of 2019 – Ukrenergo

In general, the level of industrial consumption in July 2020 decreased by 3.2%.

Energoatom does not support the published final text of the resolution on the new PSO algorithm

The company said that a clause appeared that was not in the document approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and agreed by the interested central authorities.

The capacity of offshore wind farms in Europe will increase to 240 GW

This is stipulated in the EU strategy for the development of offshore wind energy until 2050.

In July, exports of electricity increased by 30%, compared to June – Ukrenergo

Electricity exports to Belarus recovered in July, for the first time in 6 years.

Energoatom is waiting for the promulgation of the Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution with changes to PSO

Thanks to the adopted amendments, the company will be able to sell up to 40% of electricity on the market of bilateral agreements.

A solar power plant with a capacity of 300 kW was installed on the roof of a high-rise on Troeshchina

The house with a rooftop power plant is located on Shukhevych Avenue, 30.

The structure of electricity production and consumption for 4 months of 2020

7.9% less electricity was produced than last year for this period, 5.6% less was consumed.